Wayward Happiness: With Charlie Capen, Gish maker and dad blogger

February 11, 2019

Kim and Briana are not used to having a third person in the closet. Especially a handsome bearded one who also happens to be a really dope dude. But they wipe the sweat from their brow and get to work anyway. This week we're talking about happiness with our special guest Charlie Capen.


Wayward Badass

February 4, 2019

"How do you become a badass?" 

Probably the number one question asked by fans. In this episode Kim and Briana discuss what they think makes a person a badass, and in doing so attempt to define their own badassery while still being wayward AF. 


Wayward Food

January 28, 2019

Food. It is a life source, a source of passion, a source of joy, and for some a source of pain and confusion. Kim and Briana discuss their personal relationships with food. and confer about mindfulness, sustainability, and how sometimes saying yes to the joy of food, may or may not mean saying yes that second helping of Spaghetti.


Wayward Pain

January 21, 2019

Pain. it makes us fearful. It makes us hide. Whether you're healing from broken bones or broken hearts, the only way through it all is through. So hold your favorite wayward hand and grit your teeth baby. This might hurt a little... 


Wayward Sleep

January 14, 2019

When we speak of self love and self care we often think of positive body image and bubble baths. But what ifwhat we really need is some GOD. DAMNED. SLEEP. Here, Kim and Briana discuss how they sleep and how they sometimes can't...


Wayward Sex Talk

December 31, 2018

NC 17! This episode needs no description. But don't listen to it with your boss around. Or your mom. Or do. I dunno! Just... its ALOT OF SEX TALK GUYS. You've been warned. Also, you're welcome.

xo Kim and Bri


Wayward Family Holiday

December 24, 2018

Family. Deadpool was right, it’s a four letter word this time of year. But, while there’s nothing to be done about the family we are given, we also remember there’s the family we make.


Wayward Mean Girls

December 17, 2018

Other women. Whether they're our Wayward fairy godmothers or sources of frightened feels, the other women in our life are here to stay. Kim and Briana discuss how they continue to learn from all of their relationships and strive to be better women for others and for themselves.


Wayward Mood

December 10, 2018

What do you do when you find yourself feeling salty AF. Do you try and snap out of it? Sit the fuck down in it. In this episode Kim and Briana discuss their tactics, because, well, they found themselves in a closet...in a MOOD.


Wayward Beauty

December 3, 2018

We're all beautiful, whether we wanna believe it or not.